Here are Five Different Home Security Systems

The crime rate in this generation is rapidly growing. Good thing there are security systems because they could keep our homes safe and secure. Before people use electric alarms for the protection of their homes, but because of the advancement of technology today electric alarms have been replaced by advanced home security systems. Learn more about how to secure at home,go here.

Below are the five types of home security systems:

A. Smoke Alarm System
This type of home security system is a device that guards your house from smoke and fire. The smoke alarm system is a wireless smoke detectors. However, if you really want your house to have a full fire system then you could install fire alarm system that has a heat detector, a sprinkler system inside the house and a smoke detector. Find out for further details on how to get a free quote right here.

B. Monitored Alarm System
These type of alarm system is an advanced version of local alarm systems because they have a monitoring service aside from the alarm. Just in case your alarm gets tripped, there would be a professional who will provide assistance everyday for 24 hours a day. If someone breaks in your home, the agent will immediately call you so you could identify the intruder if it is a real burglar or its just someone who lives in the house. When it is a real burglar, the agent will call the police so they could arrive in your house in a couple of minutes. The agents also monitor fire and carbon monoxide so your whole family could be safe. 

C. Burglar Alarm System
This system is the center of all the home security system. The alarms have motions detectors that are placed on windows and doors. Just in case these sensors is tripped, it will notify your control panel then it also notifies the police that are in your area. You can control this security system with a keypad. They have security signs that are placed on doors and windows so they could also warn possible intruders. You could also have a discount on your insurance when you install burglar alarm system.

D. Medical Alarm System
This type of security system has a keypad that controls your home security system with an emergency button. The emergency button will alert your security organization and notify them that you need help. For elder people who would want to be monitored, this is the best security system for them.

E. Critical Alarm System
This type of security system will protect you from leaks. This could avoid damage to your property. It will monitor your heating and plumbing while you are out of your house. Take a look at this link for more information.